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Viktor Nikolaevich Ovsyannikov
Chief Agriculturist of Avangard LLC, the Ryazan Region

We have been cooperating with Otbor LLC for three years, by purchasing seeds of hybrid Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV. At the beginning we sowed the seeds only for forage, but in 2012 year we partially harvested them for seeds usage, as we got the maize cobs of good quality. I would like to state, that feed value of the hybrid Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV is certainly high. Also I would like to mention, that animal breeding is the main activity of our company, and we pay particular attention to feed value of our animal foodstuff.

Having in mind the experience of 2012 year, in 2013 we decided to sow 200 hectare with hybrid Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV for seeds usage. However, severe weather events that year changed our plans and we left 400 hectares for seeds cultivation. That year, part of summer was extremely hot and another part was rainy. Even under such changeable weather conditions the average yield was worthy – 80 hundred kilograms per hectare.

Also I would like to notice such particular qualities of hybrid Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV, as good sprouts, active growth, fine correlation between the weight of a maize cob and the whole plant and high resistance to severe weather events.

In 2014 year we are planning significantly to expand the maize cultivation area (600 hectares for seeds usage) because of herd expansion.

We are also planning further working relationships with LLC Otbor.