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V. V. Lavrik
Director of Business unit Novie Zelenky, of OJSC Minskiy Molocniy Zavod №1.

In 2016 year our business unit sowed 96 hectares with hybrid F-1 Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV. 80 hectares out of them were sown for seeds. The yield was 87 hundred kilograms per hectare, with the assumption that non-optimal delay harvesting due to severe weather events led to significant losses. The yield of seeds that year was 380 hundred kilograms per hectare.

The results were higher than yield capacity of French hybrid Gitaga, although seeds of Gitaga cost four times higher.

The current year we have reserved 100 hectares for Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV hybrid seeds. It should be noted that purchasing process was quite complicated and we should bear it in mind while planning the expansion of field for planting.

We hope, that yield of crops in 2017 will give us good prospects for such planning of planting acreage expansion and for further cooperation.