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Roman Leonidovich Sidorkov
Assistant of operational director of Stanovoe-AGRO-Invest

Hybrid of maize Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV has been cultivated by LLC Stanovoe-AGRO-Invest at the first time. From the total forage planting acreage, amounted 762 hectares, Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV was cultivated on the area amounted 285 hectares. Sunflower was a forecrop on the cultivated area. Before the seeding time, the soil was fertilized with ammophos in amount of 100 kilogram per hectare. Then, during the vegetational season, at the phase of 3-5 leaves development, we applied 100 kilogram of ammonium saltpeter per hectare. At the tillage control procedures, we applied Milagro (1.1 liters per hectare) + Dianat (0.4 liter per hectare) fertilizers. The hybrid cultivation was performed at degree of density 80 000 of plants per hectare. The harvesting was performed at milk-wax maturity at the rate of dry substance of 30-32%. In average there were two maize cobs on a plant, but some plants had more than two maize cobs. The yield capacity at harvesting was 440 hundred kilograms per hectare.

We were experimentally cultivating two other hybrids of maize, but after the experiment Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV was preferred.

Yours respectfully, Roman Leonidovich Sidorkov, an assistant of operational director of Stanovoe-AGRO-Invest,

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