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Agroindustrial firm of innovative production OTBOR Ltd has been registered in April 1991. Our office is situated in Department 1, Komsomolskoe village, Prokhladnenskiy region in Kabardino-Balkarian republic. We are a Research Production Seed Breading Company. 2537 hectares of agricultural land are taken of lease by our company.

LLC OTBOR hybridizes new corn seeds and produces basic field crops. Our company brings into action realization of new agricultural technologies. We carry out demonstrational sowing, technological experiments and farm tests of different agricultural crops. Agroindustrial firm of innovative production OTBOR Ltd is originator of 18 registered corn hybrids.

Registration articles in Federal State Budgetary Institution State Commission of the Russian Federation for Selection Achievements Test and Protection:

1. Code 8756695 – AGATA SV (Corn)
2. Code 9154634 – ALINA (Sugar Corn)
3. Code 8756693  – DARINA MV (Corn)
4. Code 9610163 – DIANA MV (Corn)
5. Code 9553826 – IRIDA (Corn)
9. Code 9908199 – RODNIK (SPRINGLET)
10. Code 9811757 – RODNIK (SPRINGLET) 180 SV (Corn)
11. Code 9811758 – RODNIK (SPRINGLET) 292 MV (Corn)
12. Code 8756694 – RODNIK (SPRINGLET) SV (Corn)

Agroindustrial firm OTBOR cooperates with many Russian and foreign scientific institutions such as the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Corn, Krasnodar Agricultural Research Institute, agricultural research institute, Voronezh branch of All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Corn, The All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops, Institute of Crop and Animal Husbandry of Serbia (Novy Sad city), Ukrainian Institute of Grain Crops (Dnepropetrovsk). We also cooperate with plant selection breeders from Argentina, China and Turkey.

Agroindustrial company OTBOR is a member of corn selection steering group in the selection field and member of National Association of Corn Producers and Corn Seed Breeders in the seed industry field

Along with seed growing, our company produces marketable grains of wheat, corn, barley, pea, oilseeds of sunflower, rape and soybean. We are constantly working on soil productivity conservation and soil productivity improvement. We have reconstructed irrigation system on the area of 700 hectares by using modern technologies. We have also purchased two Bauer Center Pivot Irrigation watering units and seven roller irrigation machines, for irrigation of plots with parent form hybridization.

Our team, consist of 72 employees including 10 certificated agriculturists, 10 qualified farm machinery operators, 29 university graduates. Also, our company is also provided with modern farm machinery that is necessary for tillage.

From the history of our company

LLC Otbor possesses some of warehouses and utility areas of 13865 square meters in total and the factory of maize parent forms; it also has a workshop for seed production of high quality grains, legumes and cereal crops.

The LLC Otbor Farm machinery park for tillage purposes includes harvesters Mega 360 (Claas), JD 610, Bauer Irrigation watering units, 15 tractors and some tool sets of tillage equipment. Maize seeds being processed by agreement on the maize production factory Hybrid SK which ensures high quality of the process. Hybrid SK is 60 kilometers away from LLC Otbor.

Agroindustrial firm of innovative production OTBOR Ltd distributes developed seeds all over the Russian Federation. Production capacity of our organization allows us develop and distribute hybrids of maize, fall wheat, pea, soybean and bean in total amount of 10 000 ton of seeds

Agroindustrial firm of innovative production OTBOR Ltd capable to increase cultivation areas of first filial generation of maize up to 13 000 hectares, by increase of producing of parent form of seeds in Kabardino Balkarian republic.