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Stella SV


Simple middle-late (FAO 450) maize hybrid, developed by Agroindustrial Firm of Innovative Production OTBOR Ltd. The hybrid was registered in National Registry of Selection Achievements Eligible for Usage in 2016 and recommended for seeds and forage usage.

On-the-farm test performed in 2016, it showed the result of 95 – 130 hundred kilograms per hectare. Moreover this hybrid showed fast grain drying after maturity. In the Krasnodar Territory, grain moisture at harvesting was 13%, in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic – 14-15%.


Plant height is 250-260 cm, non-tiller. Cone-shaped maize cob at height 90-100 cm. Number of maize cob seed rows – 16-18, number of seeds in row – 45-47. Grain yield at trash process is 80-82%. Stella SV has got yellow dent seeds, weight of 1000 seeds approximately equals 280-290g.


Ear shank is in red color. Drought hardness of hybrid is normal, type – intensive. Hybrid highly responds to high level of soil fertility. Potential yield of seeds is about 150 hundred kilograms per hectare, potential yield of forage is about 450-500 hundred kilograms per hectare. Recommended degree of density on bogharic lands is 45-50 thousand of plants per hectare, on irrigated lands – 70 thousand of plants per hectare.


The best preceding crops for Stella SV hybrid are permanent grasses, pulse crops, potatoes, winter-annual and early spring crops. The way to remain the yield of Stella SV hybrid at the same level, if preceding crop is maize culture, is organic and mineral soil fertilization.


At seedbed preparation for sowing Stella SV hybrid, the last cultivation should be performed at the depth of seed placement at 5-6 cm, regardless of early cultivations


Stella SV highly responds to organic and mineral soil fertilization especially on irrigated and high moist soils.

Tolerable regions:

North Caucasus
Kabardino – Balkarian Republic