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Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV
Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV



Early – maturing (FAO 170) Recommended for seeds and forage usage. Registered in National Registry of Selection Achievements Eligible for Usage in North-West Region, Central Region, Central Black Earth Region, Volgo-Vyatskiy Region, Middle – Volgian Region and West Siberian Region.

Plant height is 230-290 cm, well foliated. Low cone-shaped maize cob at height 70-75 cm, weight of cob is 110-140 g, length – 20-25 cm. Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV has yellow half-dent seeds, weight of 1000 seeds approximately equal 260-290g. Number of cob seed rows – 14-16. Grain yield at trash process is 80-82%. Ear shank is in red or white color.

Cold-endurance of hybrid is above the average, drought hardness – normal. High resistance to Southern Helminthosporium and bacteriosis, normal resistance to head smut and maize cob fusariosis

On-the-farm test performed showed the following forage yield:

Agricultural Production Co-operative Rodina, the Tula Region – 522 hundred kilograms per hectare,

LLC Agrotechnologiya, Pronskyi district of the Tula Region – 529 hundred kilograms per hectare,

Scientific-Research Institute of Agriculture and Breeding, Zhodino, the Republic of Belarus – 664 hundred kilograms per hectare.

Hybrid highly responds to fertilizers. Recommended degree of density in case of seeds and forage sowing, on bogharic lands is 60 thousand of plants per hectare, on irrigated lands – 75 thousand of plants per hectare. In absence of fertilizer treatment, degree of density lows down on 5-10 thousand of plants per hectare, depending on productivity and moisture of soil.

Tolerable regions:

The Vologda Region, the Kaliningrad Region, the Kostroma Region, the Leningrad Region, the Novgorod Region, the Pskov Region, the Tver Region, the Yaroslav Region
the Bryansk Region, the Vladimir Region, the Ivanovo Region, the Kaluga Region, the Moscow Region, the Ryazan Region, the Smolensk Region, the Tula Region
the Kirov Region, the Nizhni Novgorod Region, Mariy-El, the Perm Territory, the Sverdlovsk Region, Udmurtia, Chuvashia
Central Black Earth
the Belgorod Region, the Voronezh Region, the Kursk Region, the Lipetsk Region, the Oryol Region, the Tambov Region
Middle – Volgian
The Penza Region, the Republic of Mordovia, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Samara Region, the Ulyanovsk Region
West Siberian
the Altai Territory, the Kemerovo Region, the Novosibirsk Region, the Omsk Region, the Republic of Altai, the Tomsk Region, the Tyumen Region
Feedback about the hybrid Rodnik (Springlet) 179 SV:
LLC Stanovoe AGROinvest, the Lipetsk Region

Помощник директора по производству Сидорков Роман Леонидович: Гибрид кукурузы «Родник 179 СВ» в ООО «СтановоеАГРОИнвест» возделывался первый год. Из площади посева силосной кукурузы (762 га) «Родник 179 СВ» занимал 285га, предшественником на данной площади был подсолнечник. Под кукурузу перед севом было внесено 100 кг/га аммофоса, в период вегетации в фазу 45 листьев в качестве подкормки внесено 100 кг/га ам.