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Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121


Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121 (FAO 120) is a sugar corn cultivar, developed by Agroindustrial Firm of Innovative Production OTBOR Ltd for horticultural, farm and home garden  cultivation. The hybrid is registered in National Registry of Selection Achievements Eligible for Usage.

Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121 is an ultra-early maturing hybrid. The period form complete seedling to industrial ripeness is 60 – 65 days.


At appropriate crop tending, the yield from one hectare reaches 4.5-4.8 tons of maize cobs of milk-wax maturity. Well-conditioned output of maize cobs is 93%.


Plants are of mid-level height, tiller. Middlecone-shaped maize cob with length up to18 cm. Number of maize cob seed rows – 12-14. Seeds at milk-wax maturity are yellow, with sugar chewy texture. Weight of conditioned maize cob is about 150g, palatability characteristics of seeds are perfect.


Seeds are of sugar consistency, glassy, colored in yellow and orange. Weight of 1000 seeds equals approximately 150-180g.


Maize cultivar is highly sweet, with amazing taste and fast cooking characteristics (5-10 min of boiling). This hybrid in rate of maturation is unrivalled among national cultivars. It is tasty gourmet for children and adults. Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121 is usable for fresh cocking, conservation and freezing storage.


Seed placing is highly recommended at optimal sowing time for particular area. Recommended degree of density on bogharic lands is 45-50 thousand of plants per hectare, on moist soil – 60-65 thousand of plants per hectare.


It is not recommended to sow the hybrid on the wireworm diseased plots since the seeds of sugar corn are much more susceptible to damages from wireworms, for this reason field germination rate can decrease to 50%.


To high up the yield of Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121 cultivars it is necessary during the vegetation season perform side-shoot removal from time to time until paniculation.


It is recommended to apply postemergent herbicides strictly at the phase of 3-5 leaves development. It is highly effective to use soil-applied herbicides while sowing Rannyaya lakomka (Early ripening gourmet) 121 hybrid.

Tolerable regions:

North Caucasus
Kabardino – Balkarian Republic