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Alina is a sugar corn cultivar, developed by Agroindustrial Firm of Innovative Production OTBOR Ltd. Mid-season hybrid (FAO 300). Hybrid industrially ripens in 70 – 75 days. Plants are of high-level height, low-tiller. Maize cob is large and cylindric, length of cob up to 22 cm. Number of rows – 16-18. Seeds at milk-wax maturity are yellow, with sugar chewy texture. Weight of conditioned maize cob is up to 280 g. Weight of 1000 seeds approximately equals 192 g.


Alina is high-yielding hybrid; it is highly sweet, with harmonic taste and fast cooking characteristics (5-10 min of boiling). It is tasty gourmet for children and adults and usable for fresh cocking, conservation and freezing storage.

Tolerable regions:

Could be cultivated in all regions (sugary)