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We do business with

  • Agricultural organizations
  • Holding companies and cooperative societies
  • Farmers and agents
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Why do you choose our company!

We perform complete corn development cycle

Otbor Ltd is science, production and sales distribution where each point is our strong sight. Wide selection program successfully joints production process well-honed for many years, this also include delivery to any part of Russia and all of this for reasonable price.

We sale our products at perceptibly lower prices than our foreign competitors.

Why business competition is necessary? Off course, CHOICE is the right answer. So why do you choose foreign seed producers regardless heavy prices, the main points are high experience, recent development, modern facilities, BUT what if you can get every single point mentioned above from RUSSIAN seed developer, for prices that many times lower. In this case, OTBOR Ltd looks much more attractive, as we offer high quality at reasonable price.

Good yield of crops in professional hands.

Why our clients got stable heavy yield? It’s quite simple. Our seed producers sow fields of hybridization in due time, carefully look after crops, carry out seed quality improvement activities. Regular afield monitoring from seeding till harvesting, that’s how we cultivate guaranteed high quality seeds.

Working relationships with foreign scientific centers

To speed up selective process and get 2-3 generations per year, we conduct scientific-technical cooperation with scientists from Turkey, China and Argentina. Just imagine, here in Russia, we have snowy winter, and at the same time, we growing our hybrids in China or Latin America. Doing so, help us to identify the most perspective hybrid combinations.

Get your crop succession diversified with seeds from Otbor Ltd

We got many different cultivated crops in our production program. Maize is not an only culture we interested and working with. We produce and supply dominant crops, including fall wheat, barley, sunflower, soy, pea, bean, etc.

We will assist you on every cultivation stage

from seeding till harvesting

Any agriculturist knows the importance of details in maize cultivation process. Thus our company is not just selling the high quality hybrids to their clients. We also provide complete assistance on every cultivation stage from seeding till harvesting. In case of any difficulties at every single stage of cultivation, just give us a call, and our specialist will provide you with detailed instructions in regard of seeding, tending or harvesting. More than this in addition with agro consultancy we providing agro supporting, it means, that we will send our specialist directly to your cultivation fields.

If your business is livestock farming

our company is that, what you are looking for

Our selection programs are pointed on development of maize hybrids used for seeds as well as for forage cultivation. As we have 27 years of experience in this particular sphere of action, we can say for sure, that maize forage is the best homotypic feed stuff. If you want to have healthy animals in your animal stock you’ve got feed them with balanced and healthy fodders.

We rate our clients high

That’s, why we not only sell high quality hybrids, but we provide our customers with professional assistance from seeding till harvesting

How do we work

  • When you made your request, we are preparing you selection and quotation within one hour
  • We concluding an agreement
  • We completing a documents for shipment and you are receiving you order within 7-10 days
  • We assisting you on a turnkey basis from seeding till harvesting